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Revision History
Revision 1.2.62004-03-30Revised by: ldl
Added minor additions and corrected to amavisd-new, corrected cronjob-time for freshclam
Revision 1.2.52004-03-28Revised by: ldl
Added Anti-Virus and SPAM methods (amavisd-new, spamassassin, clamav), updated cyrus-imapd section with update instructions, added instruction to restrict imapd admin access.
Revision 1.2.42003-11-30Revised by: ldl
Input from English proofreading, minor correction and enhancements from user-input, updated software mentioned in the HOWTO
Revision 1.2.32003-03-24Revised by: ldl
Some minor correction and enhancements from user-input, updated software mentioned in the HOWTO
Revision 1.2.22003-02-14Revised by: ldl
Lots of grammar and typos fixed. Some corrections to the pam_mysql Makefile
Revision 1.2.12003-02-12Revised by: ldl
Non-official test-release: Added lots of fixes and updates. Added OpenSSL and more pam related stuff.
Revision 1.2.02002-10-16Revised by: ldl
Added lot of user requests, updated the software mentioned in the HOWTO
Revision 1.1.72002-10-15Revised by: ldl
Added Michael Muenz' hints for SMTP AUTH, corrected ca-cert related mistake, improved SGML code (more metadata), updated the software mentioned in the document.
Revision 1.1.62002-06-14Revised by: ldl
Added sasl_mech_list: PLAIN to imapd.conf, added web-cyradm mailinglist, added more to web-cyradm
Revision 1.1.52002-06-11Revised by: ldl
Added new SQL query to initialize web-cyradm to have full data integrity in the MySQL Database, reported to be operational as expected.
Revision 1.1.42002-05-15Revised by: ldl
Added description what is needed in /etc/services Another fix for pam_mysql compile, updated software versions.
Revision 1.1.32002-05-08Revised by: ldl
Added more description for web-cyradm, fix for wrong path of the saslauthdb-socket, Fix for wrong place of com_err.h, protection of the TLS/SSL private key.
Revision 1.1.22002-04-29Revised by: ldl
Added description for Redhat users how to install the init scripts.
Revision 1.1.12002-04-29Revised by: ldl
Fixed bug in configuring cyrus-IMAP (disabled unused kerberos authentication)
Revision 1.1.02002-04-28Revised by: ldl
Initial support for building cyrus from source, dropped binary installation for Cyrus, because configuration has changed with Release 2.1.x
Revision 1.0.22002-04-25Revised by: ldl
Added basic description for sieve and correct sender handling, minor fixes to db related stuff, Added mysql-lookup for »mydestination« , fixed bug for building postfix with mysql support.
Revision 1.0.12002-04-07Revised by: ldl
Added an important fix for compiling pam_mysql
Revision 1.0.02002-04-07Revised by: ldl
Initial Release

This document guides you through the installation of the Postfix mail transportation agent (MTA), the Cyrus IMAP server. The goal is a fully functional high-performance mailsystem with user-administration with Web-cyradm, a webinterface. Data like virtualusers, aliases etc. are stored in a mysql database.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Contributors and Contacts
1.2. Why I wrote this document
1.3. Copyright Information
1.4. Disclaimer
1.5. New Versions
1.6. Credits
1.7. Feedback
1.8. Translations
2. Technologies
2.1. The Postfix MTA
2.2. Cyrus IMAP
2.3. Cyrus SASL
2.4. OpenSSL
2.5. MySQL Database
2.6. pam_mysql
2.7. Web-cyradm Webinterface
3. Getting and installing the software
3.1. Getting and installing MySQL
3.2. Getting and installing Berkeley DB
3.3. Getting and installing OpenSSL
3.4. Getting and installing Cyrus SASL and IMAP
3.5. Getting and installing Postfix
3.6. Getting and installing PAM
3.7. Getting and installing pam_mysql
3.8. Getting and installing Web-cyradm
4. Configuring MySQL
4.1. Securing MySQL
4.2. Setting up rinetd
5. Configuring PAM
6. Configuring Postfix
6.3. Fighting against SPAM
7. Configuring Cyrus IMAP
7.1. Creating the config files
7.2. Creating the directories
7.3. Changing the filesystem attributes
8. Configuring Web-cyradm
8.1. Cyrus setup
8.2. Database setup
8.3. Default Quota
8.4. Crypted passwords
8.5. Usernames
9. Testing the setup
9.1. (Re-)Starting the daemons
9.2. Testing Web-cyradm
9.3. Testing postfix
9.4. Testing the IMAP functionality
10. Fighting against Viruses and SPAM
10.1. Brief introdcution to viruses
10.2. Brief introduction to SPAM
10.3. Strategy against viruses
10.4. Strategy against SPAM
11. The software needed against viruses and SPAM
11.1. Getting and installing ClamAV
11.2. Razor
11.3. Getting and installing spamassassin
11.4. Getting and installing amavisd-new
11.5. Setting up postfix
12. Further Information
12.1. News groups
12.2. Mailing Lists
12.3. HOWTO
12.4. Ebooks
12.5. Local Resources
12.6. Web Sites
13. Questions and Answers

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