12. Further Information

Here you will find some other resources available in the internet.

12.1. News groups

Some of the most interesting news groups are:

Maybe you also check out your country newsgroups e.g ch.comp.os.linux

Most newsgroups have their own FAQ that are designed to answer most of your questions, as the name Frequently Asked Questions indicate. Fresh versions should be posted regularly to the relevant newsgroups. If you cannot find it in your news spool you could go directly to the FAQ main archive FTP site. The WWW versions can be browsed at the FAQ main archive WWW site.

12.2. Mailing Lists


Send an mail to with the content (not subject):
subscribe postfix-users

Before writing to the list, check out the archive: http://www.deja.com/group/mailing.postfix.users


Send an mail to with the content (not subject):
subscribe info-cyrus

Before writing to the list, check out the archive: http://asg.web.cmu.edu/archive/index.php?mailbox=archive.info-cyrus


Subscription can be done trough the webinterface http://www.web-cyradm.org/mailman/listinfo/web-cyradm

Before writing to the list, check out the archive for similar incidents: http://www.web-cyradm.org/pipermail/web-cyradm/

12.3. HOWTO

This are intended as the primary starting points to get the background information as well as show you how to solve a specific problem. Some relevant HOWTOs are Cyrus-IMAP and Apache-Compile-HOWTO. The main site for these is the LDP archive.

12.4. Ebooks

There a few other HOWTOs and freely available documentations outside of the TLDP.org

IBM recently released a new Redbook: BladeCenter, Linux, and Open Source: Blueprint for e-business on demand.Especially chapter 6 is interesting when looking for email solutions.

12.5. Local Resources

Usually distributions installs some documentation to your system. As a standard they are located in /usr/share/doc/packages

The SuSE rpms of Cyrus contains a lot a such documentation.

Postfix has some html-files in the source directory /usr/local/postfix-2.0.16/html

PAM comes also with lots of documentation in /usr/share/doc/packages/pam

The pam_mysql module has a README with the incredible size of 1670 bytes.

12.6. Web Sites

There are a huge number of informative web sites available. By their very nature they change quickly so do not be surprised if these links become quickly outdated.

A good starting point is of course the Linux Documentation Project home page, an information central for documentation, project pages and much more.

To get more deepened information about Postfix, then www.postfix.org would be the starting point.

Please let me know if you have any other leads that can be of interest.

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