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2. Component installation

2.1 Preparations

You will need:

Get the sources you want. Untar apche, php, gd and ssl to /usr/src. Untar the SSL patch to /usr/src/apache_1.2.6.

2.2 Adding PHP

cd to /usr/src/gd1.2 and type make. This will build the GD library libgd.a, that should be copied to /usr/lib. Now cd to php-2.0.1 and run ./install.

The relevant questions are:

Would you like to compile PHP/FI as an Apache module? [yN] y
Are you compiling for an Apache 1.1 or later server? [Yn] y
Are you using Apache-Stronghold? [yN] y
Does your Apache server support ELF dynamic loading? [yN] y
Apache include directory (which has httpd.h)? [/usr/local/include/apache] /usr/src/apache_1.2.6/src
Would you like to build an ELF shared library? [yN] y
Additional directories to search for .h files []: /usr/src/gd1.2
Would you like the bundled regex library? [yN] n

Like the frontpage extensions, phtml includes a security problem because it is run under the uid of the webserver. Be sure to turn on safe mode in src/php.h and restrict the search path to a save value. There are some other options in php.h you may want to edit. If you are very concerned about security, compile php as a cgi. However, this will be a performance loss and not as smart as the module version.

Type make to build all files. When the compilation is done, copy mod_php.* and libphp.a to /usr/src/apache_1.2.6/src Add a line

Module php_module mod_php.o 
to the end of /usr/src/apache_1.2.6/src/Configuration, add
-lphp -lm -lgdbm -lgd    
to the EXTRA_LIBS in the same file,
application/x-httpd-php phtml 
to Apache's mime.types and
AddType  application/x-httpd-php .phtml
to Apache's srm.conf.

You may also want to add index.phtml to DirectoryIndex in that file so that a file index.phtml is automatically loaded when its directory is requested.

2.3 Adding SSL

cd /usr/src/SSL-0.8.0; ./Configure linux-elf; make; make rehash This will create libraries needed by apache. You may issue make test to verify the compilation. You have to apply a patch to apache. It is important that you apply it before the frontpage patch, otherwise frontpage will not work. cd to /usr/src/apache_1.2.6/src and issue patch < /usr/src/apache_1.2.6/SSLpatch. Set SSL_BASE=/usr/src/SSLeay-0.8.0 in Configuration. Make sure that Module proxy_module is disabled otherwise Apache won't compile. If you are in need of a proxy, go for Squid

Now make certificate to generate SSLconf/conf/httpsd.pem.

2.4 Adding frontpage

Rename the fp30.linux.tar.Z file to fp30.linux.tar.gz, otherwise the install script will not find it. Run ./fp_install to copy the extension files to /usr/local/frontpage. zcat can usually be invoked as /usr/bin/zcat.

You now have to apply the FP patch. cd to /usr/src/apache_1.2.6/src and type patch < /usr/src/frontpage/version3.0/apache-fp/fp-patch-apache_1.2.5 This will create the mod_frontpage.* files and do some modifications to Configuration etc. The 1.2.5 patch will work with both apache 1.2.5 and 1.2.6. Skip the part about installing webs, you can do that later

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