Cryptoloop HOWTO

Ralf Hölzer


Revision History
Revision 1.22004-03-12Revised by: rh
Added information on dm-crypt, updated loop-AES info, added more info on security
Revision 1.12004-01-24Revised by: rh
Updated information on patching util-linux, Loop-AES, Best Crypt
Revision 1.02004-01-17Revised by: rh
Initial release, reviewed by TM at LDP.
Revision v0.92004-01-15Revised by: rh
Updated and converted to DocBook XML.

This document explains how to create encrypted file systems using the Cryptoloop functionality. Cryptoloop is part of the CryptoAPI in the 2.6 Linux kernel series.

Table of Contents
1. About this document
1.1. Copyright and License
1.2. Disclaimer
1.3. Credits / Contributors
1.4. Feedback
2. Introduction
3. Configuring the kernel
4. Getting the user space tools
5. Setting up the loop device
6. Mounting the encrypted file system
7. Using a file instead of a partition

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