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This HOWTO describes how to use the Cryptoloop loop device encryption in the 2.6 Linux kernel series. Cryptoloop makes it possible to create encrypted file systems within a partition or another file in the file system. These encrypted files can the be moved to a CD, DVD, USB memory stick, etc. Cryptoloop makes use of the loop device. This device is a pseudo-device which serves as a "loop" through which each call to a the file system has to pass. This way, data can be processed in order to encrypt and decrypt it. Since kernel 2.6, the Crypto API has been integrated into the main kernel, and setting up an encrypted file system has become much easier. No additional kernel patches are required. An update of some userspace utilities is necessary. Unfortunately, the use of Cryptoloop is not very well-documented so far. This HOWTO is an attempt to make it easy everyone to create an encrypted file system using the standard Cryptoloop functionality. Cryptoloop is based on the Crypto API in the 2.6 Linux kernel. It should not be confused with Loop-AES, which is a completely separate project. Cryptoloop is similar to the Crypto API that was available as a separate patch for the 2.4 kernel series. The new version is not compatible with the older one.

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