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7. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

7.1 Can't compile the kernel. It says: "2nd: No such file or directory"

Move the whole linux-2.2.16 directory somewhere else where the directory-name doesn't have spaces in itself.

7.2 My remote doesn't work with ARCaMP

Tough! :P

You will have to look for some other software that will support your remote control. Look in the Remote programs URL section.

7.3 The Linux kernel can't mount the filesystem.

Look in Configuring - NBP Network Boot Program

7.4 How do I bend plexiglass?

Get a torch and heat the opposite side of the plexiglass that you are going to bend. You should move the torch back and forth, not to fast, and not too slow. One minute - two minutes should be fine, if you warm up it too much, bubbles will appear. After you have heated the material, put in on table and slowly bend it. Keep it under the desired angle up to a minute.

7.5 The system doesn't boot up after I take the video card out.

Go into the BIOS settings and change the Video Mode (it might be called something else on your system) and change from CGA/EGA or VGA to None.

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