Chapter 16 Storage

Table of Contents
16.1 Synopsis
16.2 Device Names
16.3 Adding Disks
16.4 RAID
16.5 USB Storage Devices
16.6 Creating and Using Optical Media (CDs)
16.7 Creating and Using Optical Media (DVDs)
16.8 Creating and Using Floppy Disks
16.9 Creating and Using Data Tapes
16.10 Backups to Floppies
16.11 Backup Basics
16.12 Network, Memory, and File-Backed File Systems
16.13 File System Snapshots
16.14 File System Quotas
16.15 Encrypting Disk Partitions

16.1 Synopsis

This chapter covers the use of disks in FreeBSD. This includes memory-backed disks, network-attached disks, standard SCSI/IDE storage devices, and devices using the USB interface.

After reading this chapter, you will know:

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