Scripting Graphical Commands with Tcl/Tk Mini-HOWTO

Salvador J. Peralta

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Revision 1.0 release2003-08-19Revised by: sjp
Subtitle: Putting a graphical face on commandline utilities with Tcl and Tk.

One of the richest aspects of Linux is its abundance of commandline utilities. The ability to rapidly provide a graphical frontend for those utilities to make them available to non-technical users can be a handy skill for a developer or administrator to possess. This article provides a cookbook-style tutorial introduction to Tcl and Tk, a scripting language and graphical toolkit that were designed to accomplish that very task.

Table of Contents
1. Copyright
2. Introduction to Tcl and Tk
3. Tcl and Tk Basics
4. Adding Features
5. Conclusions
6. Further Reading
7. About the Author

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