1. Introduction

The intended use of such a newly created archive is to install it only on your own box, not to get them into the official Debian distribution. To follow the 'official' process, please study the Debian New Maintainers' Guide.

Normal Debian packages get a proper source package, including a debian/rules file which automates the steps involved in creating the binary package. Here we just show how to package a simple shell script or binary executable into a small binary package.

BTW, I assume you know how to use 'tar', 'man', and what a '.tar.gz' file and Debian is (and how to use an editor ;-), but I assume you have never touched programs like 'ar' or 'dpkg'.

1.1. Resources on the Web

The Debian Reference gives an excellent overview as well as detailed information for everything Debian specific.

The official document for creating your own Debian packages is the Debian New Maintainers' Guide.

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