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Luc de Louw


Revision History
Revision 1.9.182003-02-09
Added XML and Sablotron support to PHP, dropped support for mod_jserv, added mod_jk support, enhanced support for Tomcat, updated software mentioned in the HOWTO, minor SGML enhancements
Revision 1.9.172002-10-16
Updated software mentioned in the HOWTO, Further SGML enhancements and cleanups like more metadata, callouts and others.
Revision 1.9.162002-07-04
Updated the software mentioned in the HOWTO, added LogFormat config for mod_gzip. Added gdbm to prerequisites. Lot of SGML enhancements like more metadata, and a revised FAQ section.
Revision 1.9.152002-06-19
Updated to mod_ssl-2.8.9-1.3.26 and removed the temporary patch.
Revision 1.9.142002-06-19
Updated to Apache 1.3.26 to fix security-hole CERT CA-2002-17 it is strongly recommended that users should update immediately, Added (temporary) patch to get mod_ssl 2.8.8 working with 1.3.26, Added --without-debug to MySQL configure
Revision 1.9.132002-06-15
updates of software mentioned in the HOWTO, added how to bind MySQL to a specific IP, some minor changes and corrections
Revision 1.9.122002-04-22
Added mod_gzip and mod_gunzip, Corrected some typos, updates of software mentioned in the HOWTO, separated the additional modules into an own section.
Revision 1.9.112002-04-07
Corrected lots of typos (non-technical), updates of software mentioned in the HOWTO
Revision 1.9.11-pre12002-03-15
Corrected some grammar, updates of software mentioned in the HOWTO
Revision 1.9.102002-03-09
Corrected some grammar, updates of software mentioned in the HOWTO
Revision 1.9.92002-02-11
Fixed a major bug in openssl config, restructured the document, added sources for further informations
Revision 1.9.82002-02-08
Updates of software mentioned in the HOWTO, and fixed some bugs
Revision 1.9.72001-12-26
Updates of software mentioned in the HOWTO, tested the HOWTO procedures on Linux running on IBM S/390 (zSeries) Machines (See "platforms" for more info), Added some basic support for Tomcat (Binaries only)
Revision 1.9.62001-10-27
Updates of software mentioned in the HOWTO, and fixed some bugs
Revision 1.9.52001-08-27
Yet another rewrite in DocBook 3.1
Revision 1.9.42001-08-26
Updated the Software-Versions mentioned in the document, corrected some typos
Revision 1.9.32001-06-23
Current Version 2.0.0-pre3 in Linux DocBook format
Revision 1.0.02000-08-05
First publication of the html-based document

This document describes howto compile the Apache Webserver with the most important modules like mod_perl, mod_dav, mod_auth_ldap, mod_dynvhost, mod_roaming, mod_jserv, and mod_php

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Contributors and Contacts
1.2. Why I wrote this document
1.3. What this document is supposed to be
1.4. What this document doesn't do for you
1.5. Platforms
1.6. Copyright Information
1.7. Disclaimer
1.8. New Versions
1.9. Credits
1.10. Feedback
1.11. Translations
1.12. About the author
2. Prerequisites
2.1. General
2.2. OpenSSL
2.3. GNU Database System
2.4. MySQL
2.5. Building mm
3. Getting, build and install Apache with its basic modules
3.1. Get and untar the Apache Source
3.2. mod_ssl
3.3. mod_perl
3.4. Configure and build Apache
4. Additional modules
4.1. mod_dav
4.2. auth_ldap
4.3. mod_auth_mysql
4.4. mod_dynvhost
4.5. mod_roaming
5. Compressed delivery
5.1. mod_gzip
5.2. mod_gunzip
6. mod_php and its prerequisites
6.1. What is mod_php
6.2. Prerequisites
6.3. Building and installing PHP4
7. PHP extensions
7.1. APC (Alternative PHP-cache)
7.2. Zend-Optimizer (Do _NOT_ combine with APC-Cache!)
8. Jakarta Tomcat
8.1. What is Tomcat
8.2. Prerequisites
8.3. Download the binaries
8.4. mod_jk
9. Further Information
9.1. News groups
9.2. Mailing Lists
9.3. HOWTO
9.4. Local Resources
9.5. Web Sites
10. Questions and Answers

WarningSecurity hole in Apache older than 1.3.26

Do NOT use any Apache version older than 1.3.26. See http://www.cert.org/advisories/CA-2002-17.html for more information

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