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Jan 2003

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This document will help set up a working Tamil Linux environment. This describes setting up fonts, keyboard drivers, editing and printing Tamil/bilingual documents, and working with the X Window system. The information is kept as generic as possible. When it pertains to a specific distribution (say RedHat or Debian), it is explicitly noted.

Table of Contents
1. About this HOWTO
1.1. Purpose/Scope of this HOWTO
1.2. Feedback
1.3. Copyright and License
1.4. Acknowledgements
2. Introduction
3. Fonts
3.1. TSCII
3.2. TAB
3.3. Miscellaneous fonts and encodings
4. Console Tamil
5. X Window
5.1. Installing fonts
5.2. Bitmapped fonts
5.3. TrueType fonts
5.4. Other Font Servers
6. Keyboard Drivers
6.1. tamil_kmap
6.2. tamilvp
7. KDE
7.1. Getting Localization Files
7.2. Choosing a Tamil locale
7.3. Choosing Tamil fonts for GUI
7.4. KDE Miscellaneous
9. Printing
9.1. LATEX
9.2. Postscript
9.3. PDF
10. Word Processors, Office Packages
11. Viewing Web pages
12. Pango
13. Miscellaneous
A. Appendix of Tamil Font Encodings

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