3. Client (Linux)

The client configuration is similar to Linux to Linux printing.

3.1. Standard lpr

The simplest way to do it is to add an entry to /etc/printcap. As a quick example, the entry for a generic matrix printer would be:
# EPSON LX300 


Make sure you are using the correct filter, or the right generic one.

Be sure you have created the directory /var/spool/lpd/epson, and the users you wish to use the printer have the right access to this.

For example, assume the Windows print server is named meriadoc, with an IP address of, and the printer is shared from Windows as epsonLX.

So, you have to configure /var/spool/lpd/epson/.config like this:


  • share='\\windows-print-server-name\print-share-name'

  • hostip=windows-print-server-IP

Once your /etc/printcap is configured, you have to enable the print share:
[localhost]$ lpc up epson
[localhost]$ lpc enable epson

If everything is ok, you can send jobs to the queue:
[localhost]$ lpr -Pepson file

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