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3. IMPORTANT: Preliminary Information and Setup

3.1 Windows ME Users

Before your read any further, I should mention that this mini-howto has some limitations with Windows ME. Based on feedback from Windows ME users, the menuing system described in the next section will only work from a Windows boot floppy instead of from the hard drive. Thanks to Olivier Guichard for pointing me to the relevant Microsoft article.

Note that only the config.sys and autoexec.bat files need to be on the floppy disk. All other files mentioned may reside on the hard drive.

If booting from a floppy is not an option for you, then please see the FAQ section for alternatives to LILO and Loadlin.

Any Windows ME users who can find a better way than using a floppy, please let me know your solution so I can include it in this mini-howto.

3.2 Things that are assumed:

3.3 Items you need before you start:

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