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1. Introduction

1.1 Why Solaris?

This is actually a good question. Why use Solaris, when you can have Linux? Solaris is a commercial system, the hardware support is scarce. But if you are reading this you have probably already decided on using Solaris. If not, here are some reasons:

1.2 Things covered in this HOWTO

This HOWTO tries to help you install Solaris 7 or 8 on an x86 computer already running Linux. The main targets are

1.3 Referenced versions

The reference versions used while creating this document where:

The information might apply to other versions of the software, or it might all be different.

1.4 Warning

Please back up any data before messing with your system! A lot of the things described in this document may result in excessive data loss! I am not responsible for any data loss! See also section Legal stuff

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