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3. Related Documentation.

This document presumes you understand how to build a Linux kernel with the appropriate networking options selected and that you understand how to use the basic network tools such as ifconfig and route. If you do not, then you should read the NET-3-HOWTO in conjunction with this document as it describes these.

Other Linux HOWTO documents that might be useful are:

The Ethernet-HOWTO, which describes the details of configuring an Ethernet device for Linux.

The PPP-HOWTO as IPX support is available for version 2.2.0d and later of the Linux PPP implementation.

3.1 New versions of this document.

If your copy of this document is more than two months old then I strongly recommend you obtain a newer version. The networking support for Linux is changing very rapidly with new enhancements and features, so this document also changes fairly frequently. The latest released version of this document can always be retrieved by anonymous ftp from:

ftp:/>/ or: ftp:/{-html.tar,ps,dvi}.gz>/ via the World Wide Web from the Linux Documentation Project Web Server, at page: IPX-HOWTO or directly from me, <>. It may also be posted to the newsgroups: comp.os.linux.networking, comp.os.linux.answers and news.answers from time to time.

3.2 Feedback.

Please send any comments, updates, or suggestions to me, <>. The sooner I get feedback, the sooner I can update and correct this document. If you find any problems with it, please mail me directly as I can miss info posted to the newsgroups.

3.3 Mailing list support.

There is a mailing list established for discussion of the various Linux IPX software packages described in this document. You can subscribe to it by sending a mail message to `' with `add linware' in the body of the message. To post to the list your send your mail to `'. I regularly watch this list.

The mailing list is archived at

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