7. Troubleshooting

7.1. Help! Lynx gives unable to access document

Problem: Lynx is unable to access document or ping gives "No route to host" but the link is stable!

Solution: Have a look at the output of route -n you should see a refenence specifing a gateway of either your Remote PPP IP and using the adapter/dev of ppp0. If not here is how to fix it. In your /etc/ppp/ip-up file above exit 0 on the last line type:

  route del default
  route add default gw $4 $1

Save the file and redial. The problem should be solved.

7.2. My kernel < 2.4.2 crashes using the Alcatel driver

Problem: Your kernel below 2.4.2 crashes using the Alcatel driver.

Solution: You're probably using a kernel compiled with SMP support either don't use SMP or try here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=23818

7.3. PPPd crashes when it loads the PPPoATM module

Problem: When PPPd attempts to access the ATM device it crashes.

Solution: The kernel was probably compiled on a different type of processor. I tried to get the kernel compiled quicker by compiling the kernel on my 950Mhz Duron, even with the processor type to suit the target 266Mhz Cyrix the ATM module crashes. So dont take short cuts and compile on the target processor.

7.4. insmod speedtch.o gives: "Unresolved symbol: _mmx_memcpy"

Problem: When you have compiled the Speedtouch Kernel driver (speedtch.o) trying to insmod/modprobe returns: "Unresolved symbol: _mmx_memcpy" or similar.

Solution: Right, I haven't got a concrete answer here but I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet so here goes. I found this error come up when I recompiled my kernel once. It did it the first time but I forgot how to fix it. A combination of things fixed it for me:

As I said I can't be sure about this one but it worked for me.

7.5. There are strange noises on the telephone line when I pick up the phone.

Problem: When you pick up the phone there are strange noises present, more over the use of the phone line causes the internet to disconnect.

Solution: You seem to have something which I thing is called cross-frequency. The ADSL modem works by sending data down the unused frequencies of you copper phone line. If the hardware is set up so the ADSL and phone ranges overlap the two can receive each other's data. Ring BTO Customer Support and they should be able to help.

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