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2. Getting Linux

2.1 Linux FTP sites

A more complete list of Linux FTP sites is in the Linux INFO-SHEET, which can always be found at The most important sites are listed here; please see the INFO-SHEET for a site nearer to you (there are many mirrors).

textual name             numeric addr    Linux directory
=======================  ==============  ===============       /pub/linux     /pub/Linux   /pub/linux

These sites are the main ``home'' sites for Linux where most uploads take place. There are many mirror sites; please use the closest (network-wise) site to you.

2.2 Linux on physical media

Linux is distributed on physical media, mainly CD-ROM, by several commercial vendors. Please read the distribution HOWTO, posted regularily to comp.os.linux.announce, and available at

2.3 AFS

Linux is available over AFS by mounting the volume project.linux from

2.4 Commercial networks

Compu$erve has some Linux archives.

2.5 Mailservers and such

Sunsite offers ftp-mail service --- mail <>.

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