2. Download the Packages

In this section, we will locate and download the software on the Internet.

2.1. OpenJade

OpenJade is an actively maintained open-source software project based on the Jade package by James Clark. Download the lastest stable release at:


OpenJade also includes the OpenSP package and the TeX macros, jadetex and pdfjadetex for converting files to dvi and pdf. The following programs are provided by this package:

To use jadetex and pdfjadetex for making dvi, ps, and pdf, you must have a working TeX (tex) installation. If you do not have TeX, check with your Linux distribution for a binary package that can be downloaded and installed. Otherwise, you can download the teTeX distribution of TeX from:


2.2. DocBook SGML DTD

The DocBook DTD for SGML and XML are maintained by a technical committee at Oasis-Open.ORG. Download the current version (and any old versions you might need) of DocBook SGML at:



The entities define representations for special or untypeable symbols or characters, including mathematical symbols, and the entities that you may be familiar with from HTML. These entity files need to be installed for a proper configuration.

ISOEnts.zip can simply be unzipped into the directory where the DocBook DTD is unzipped without requiring anything else but the files in isoENT-tar.gz are also needed. Again, the files in isoENT-tar.gz are to be unzipped into the DocBook DTD directory (see next section on installing for details), but the filenames end with ".ent" suffix. These will need to be renamed to a ".gml" ending. You can do this manually, or you can download and use the file below, made by this author, which contains the files of both ISOEnts.zip and isoENT-tar.gz:


2.4. DocBook DSSSL

Norman Walsh's Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL) files for the DocBook DTD (SGML/XML) are maintained at the DocBook Open Repository at SourceForge. These files, also known as the Modular DocBook Stylesheets, tell openjade what to do when converting your DocBook SGML file into other formats. A dsl file specifies things such as the mappings from one DTD's tags to another DTD's tags and other programmatic conversions, programmed in the DSSSL language. The DSSSL language is decomposed into a group of different languages, but running through it all is the Core Expression Language which is based on Scheme.

The DocBook DSSSL package and documentation can be downloaded from the DocBook DSSSL Stylesheets Project

The Linux Documentation Project has a stylesheet customization file that turns on some nice style features. It can be downloaded at:


2.5. SGMLtools-Lite

SGMLtools-Lite is a frontend for openjade, jadetex, pdfjadex, dvips, and other programs. It provides a single command for generating all the formats possible with these tools. The lastest release can be downloaded at:


This package is optional, but does make things easier sometimes.

2.6. HTMLdoc

HTMLdoc is a free program for converting websites into Portable Document Format (pdf) or PostScript (ps). For pdf, it creates a tree of bookmarks that make navigation easy. Both htmldoc and pdfjadetex output pdf files, but in slightly different formats. Try both and see which turns out best for a particular docbook file. See quick links below for download site.

You can download the lastest version of HTMLdoc from Easy Software Products' ftp site.

2.7. DocBook2X

DocBook2X requires perl5 and the SGMLS.pm perl module, available at the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN). SGMLS.pm provides libraries and a program called sgmlspl which translates DocBook files into other formats by using specification files. The specification files are perl files that provide the logic for the translation to a particular format.



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