5. Physically Disabled

There are a wide range of physical disabilities that can impair a user's mobility, and many of these impairments need to be addressed on an individual basis. This section addresses impairments that apply to users who have difficulty using a mouse, pointing device, or keyboard.

5.1. Keyboard Navigation

There are features that are built into the Linux operating system that allow for additional keyboard configuration. In some of the X Windows desktops these settings can be changed from the control center. An application has also been developed for X Windows called AccessX and it provides a graphical user interface for configuring all the AccessX keyboard settings. These settings are:

5.2. Assistive Technologies for the Physically Disabled

The following is a list of assistive technologies for the physically disabled:

5.3. Additional Resources

The following is a list of additional Web sites that may be of interest to users with mobility impairments:

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