7. Additional Resources

7.1. Linux Howto's

This document is intended as a replacement and extension of the unmaintained X Terminal HOWTO. The following Mini-HOWTO's can be found at the Linux Documentation Project (TLDP) at www.tldp.org: XWindow-Overview-HOWTO, XWindow-User-HOWTO, XDM-Xterm Mini-HOWTO, NCD X terminal Mini-HOWTO.

7.2. Man Pages

TLDP, the XFree86 project, and the GNU Organization have a series of online manuals which describe many of the services dealt with in this Mini-HOWTO. Man pages relevent to this document include pages for xdm, nfs, exports, X, and ulimit.

7.3. Linux Guides

Chapter 14 of the LDP "Network Administrator's Guide" (NAG) has useful information on using NFS in Linux.

7.4. Books

The "X Windows System Administrator's Guide" by O'Reilly and Associates is highly recommended.

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