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2. Introduction

This document is a guide to getting your Wacom Graphire USB tablet to working with Linux. Beware, this is a quite difficult task, but this guide will guide you, step-by-step, through the process.

This work is mainly derived from the Wacom Tablet HOWTO by Stephan Runkel, but brings some precisions about all the USB configuration that is absent from the original document. If you want more precision about general Wacom Tablets, please read Stephan Runkel's HOWTO.

I have written this document because I've had many difficulties in setting up my brand new Graphire tablet with Linux, but now it works quite well on my Toshiba 4030CDT Laptop.

2.1 New versions of this document

New version of this document will be made available at the following location :

2.2 Feedback and Corrections

Comments, corrections, and additions will greatly be appreciated. I can be contacted at:


2.3 Acknowledgements

I wish to thank everyone that work on the USB part of the kernel, and special thanks go to Vojtech Pavlik for his work on the wacom module.

Of course, I thank Stephan Runkel for his great Wacom Tablet HOWTO that helped me much in the configuration process.

Special thanks also go to Frederic Lepied for his work on the xf86Wacom module.

2.4 Disclaimer

The information in this document is correct to the best of my knowledge, but there's a always a chance I've made some mistakes, so don't follow everything too blindly, especially if it seems wrong. Nothing here should have a detrimental effect on your computer, but just in case I take no responsibility for any damages incurred from the use of the information contained herein.This document is not a kernel howto, so I'll take the assumption that you know how to download/install a new kernel, and how to configure/compile it.

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