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7. XFree FAQ - Problems And Questions

7.1 Gnome and Gimp only work like a usual mouse, without pressure and tilt. Gimp Input Devices Dialog shows "No Input Devices"

It seems that you have not compiled your gtk with XInput-support. Please rebuild gtk and use ./configure --with-xinput=xfree for building the Makefile. Then do a make && make install. Then rebuild your gimp so that it uses this extendet gtk.

7.2 Is the wheel of the mouse (cursor) supported ?

Yes, it generates button 4 and button 5 events.

7.3 How can I find out the intuos Serial Num of my tool ?

read the section about Serial_Num

7.4 How do I change the action of each button of my tool?

Read the section about buttons.

7.5 How can I use the intuos/artpad/ultrapad macro area ?

You can not use the intuos macro area, sorry.
Only Artpad / Ultrapad Macro stripes work. Read the section about Gimp Keys.

7.6 Is it possible to define multiple active areas on the same tablet ?

Yes, read the section about the Top... Statements

7.7 Can I use more than one tablet at the same time ?

Yes, read the 'Port and Device' section

7.8 The Wacom Driver eats my CPU Time. Any Hint ?

This mostly happes under the following condition:
AllowMouseOpenFail was specified and the device is set to /dev/null. Set the device to a nonexisting file instead, for example /dev/fake, and you will get back your CPU time. See the examples for this under the 'Port and Device' section.

Another reason may be that there were too many interrupts produced.
I was told, that hdparm -u1 /dev/hdx (replace x with your drive letter) may help.

7.9 The Cursor 'dances' around

Most Graphire's are known to be weak for that, intuos seems to be better but still not perfect. This seems to be a hardware problem.
Possible Solutions:

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