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3. Requirements

This chapter is about what is needed to get your tablet working.

3.1 Which Hardware is supported

First of all, you should have a tablet, of course. The following Wacom tablets are supported:

The older SD and HD series are not supported by the standard XFree86 driver, however, a modified driver that supports these devices as well some OEM products with embedded screens including the IBM Thinkpad 360 PE and Toshiba T200 is available from:

If ordering the wacom products intuos and graphire, you can choose between two different interfaces:
Serial and USB.

The Serial Interface

The USB Interface

3.2 Which Software is needed

3.3 Which Software is supported

There is a big number of programs based on the gtk library. The gtk has XInput support and makes it very easy to use.
At least the following applications support XInput:

3.4 What has to be prepared if the Tablet connects to the USB-Port

USB-Support is done in the kernel. This means that you should be able to configure and recompile the kernel. If you do not know how, consult your local guru.

The Kernel

Make sure in the USB Support section of the kernel configuration you have the following set:

     --- USB Human Interface Devices (HID)
     <M>   USB Human Interface Device (full HID) support                     
     <M>   Wacom Intuos/Graphire tablet support                              
Now recompile the kernel, either load the wacom module (which would be in /lib/modules/<linux version>/kernel/drivers/usb/wacom.o), or reboot, and verify that the module was loaded:
     # grep -i wacom /var/log/boot.msg
     input0: Wacom Intuos 9x12 on usb1:2.0
On some system you may want to grep in /var/log/messages instead.

At least for the intuos series even the latest kernel (2.4.7 as of moment of writing) doesn't have the right Wacom USB driver, so you have to get the right one and recompile the stuff. See Semyon Sosin 's document for this.

I can not tell if wacom graphire works fine with the original driver. But take for sure that the shown __concepts__ will work for both wacom product lines.

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