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1. Introduction

1.1 Notes

This document first appeared in "Hideki Saito's Homepage" at
. This version of HOWTO is rewritten for updated information. HTML version is found in hideki/VAIO+Linux.html. You may distribute this document freely. When you publish it, please drop me a note; I just want know how this documents are used :)

1.2 Notes about different systems

I've recently received some mail stating that some of contents in this document is incorrect. It is because some reason, hardware installed on more recent systems are slightly different than older systems. I will start covering those information. But since of course, I don't have every system in here, I would like to ask Sony VAIO owners to tell me more information about it. This would help me a lot if you can put [VAIO Information] in the beginning of the subject, so I can take extra attention to it. Also, please include model number of the system. If it is notebook, please include that information in a content, or in a subject. I would like to apologize to ones that got confused by this document. (Addition: 12/29/98)

1.3 Update History

12/29/98 Added several updates

1.4 Disclaimer

Also most of procedures in this document is tested, I will take no responsibilities for any problem caused by using any information in this document. As like in GPL, please try anything in your own risk. I am not native English writer, and you will find many mistakes in this document. Please excuse me on those. Any corrections and clarifications are welcome; please send those to

1.5 What this document all about?

In this HOWTO, I will go over how to use Linux under Sony VAIO computers. The VAIO computers are great, but was not very friendly to Linux. But this isn't mean that you cannot use it, actually you can! Throughout this document, I will assume that you own either PCV 70 or 90. Since almost all VAIO models are similar in their architecture (although newer ones have larger disks, updated video card, more RAM, etc), many of contents in this document should apply to all VAIO models.

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