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The Linux Ultra-DMA Mini-Howto

Brion Vibber,

v3.01, 6 December 2001

This document is intended to explain how to use Ultra-DMA aka Ultra-ATA aka Ultra33 and Ultra66 hard drives and interfaces with Linux. The most recent version of this mini-Howto can be obtained in HTML format at

1. Introduction and Disclaimer

2. What is Ultra-DMA and why do I want it?

3. Using your UDMA hard drive with an EIDE interface

4. Using your hard drives with a UDMA interface

5. Offboard PCI UDMA interfaces

6. Onboard UDMA interfaces

7. Unified IDE Patches

8. Activating and Deactivating UDMA

9. Problems

10. If you have some information about UDMA stuff that's not in this mini-howto...

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