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6. Appendix

6.1 Additional Information

The Linux Sound HOWTO

Author: Jeff Tranter, <>

Last Version: v1.17, 4 August 1997

Please take a good look at the Sound HOWTO (available from and other sites). It contains a bulk of data about compiling the kernel with sound support, and explains a lot about the sound devices, applications etc.

I understand this HOWTO as an addition to the Sound HOWTO.

The Linux Sound Playing HOWTO

Author: Yoo C. Chung, <>

Last Version: v1.4, 13 May 1997

You should also look at the Sound Playing HOWTO. It tells you about the various sound formats and applications to play them.

The AWE Driver FAQ

Author: Takashi Iwai <>


If you have problems installing the AWE Driver or using the Wave Table synthesis of your Sound Blaster card, then look here.


Author: Peter Fox <>


If you have problems configuring your ISA PnP card, then this is your book of wisdom.

6.2 Sources


Author: Peter Fox <>

Last Version: 1.11


If mailing patches, bug reports or comments, please put 'isapnp' somewhere in the subject line, and mail to


Author: Takashi Iwai <>

Last Version: 0.4.2c


Linux kernel

Author: Linus Torvald and many other

Last Version: At the moment, you should use 2.0.29

Source: everywhere, where you can obtain Linux :)


Author: Hannu Savolainen (Please check before mailing me).

Last Version: I have 3.5.5-beta1

Source: with the Linux kernel source package

Information: or European mirror.

6.3 Sample isapnp.conf

In the ISA PnP configuration file created by pnpdump, the single devices of your PnP cards appear as sections. In the output below, one card was detected (the sound card), with four logical devices:

I left LD 1 unconfigured, because I have no CD ROM attached to my sound card IDE port. If you have no IDE port on your SB, then LD 1 will be the Gameport Device and LD 3 will not appear.

Please refer to section Getting started for further (important!) information about this file.

# $Id: pnpdump.c,v 1.9 1997/06/10 21:37:32 fox Exp $
# This is free software, see the sources for details.
# This software has NO WARRANTY, use at your OWN RISK
# For details of this file format, see isapnp.conf(5)
# For latest information on isapnp and pnpdump see:

(READPORT 0x0203)

# Try the following if you get error messages like
# Error occurred executing request 'LD 2' on or around line...


# ANSI string -->Creative SB32 PnP<--

(CONFIGURE CTL0048/58128 (LD 0
#     ANSI string -->Audio<--

  (INT 0 (IRQ 5 (MODE +E)))
  (DMA 0 (CHANNEL 1))
  (DMA 1 (CHANNEL 5))
  (IO 0 (BASE 0x0220))
  (IO 1 (BASE 0x0330))
  (IO 2 (BASE 0x0388))

  (ACT Y)

(CONFIGURE CTL0048/58128 (LD 1
#     ANSI string -->IDE<--

# (INT 0 (IRQ 10 (MODE +E)))
# (IO 0 (BASE 0x0168))
# (IO 1 (BASE 0x036e))

# (ACT Y)

(CONFIGURE CTL0048/58128 (LD 2
#     ANSI string -->WaveTable<--

  (IO 0 (BASE 0x0620))
  (IO 1 (BASE 0x0A20))
  (IO 2 (BASE 0x0E20))

  (ACT Y)

(CONFIGURE CTL0048/58128 (LD 3
#     ANSI string -->Game<--

  (IO 0 (BASE 0x0200))
  (ACT Y)

# Returns all cards to the "Wait for Key" state

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