Serial Laplink HOWTO

Willem J. Atsma

Revision History
Revision v2.12001-07-20Revised by: wja

How to create a serial connection between two computers? This document details how to setup a "laplink" connection between two computers. Having had a bit of trouble getting the information to get this to work myself, this document should make it easy for you.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. On the server side
2.1. Configure pppd
2.2. A getty-like installation of pppd
2.3. Start the server when needed
2.4. Serving MS Windows clients
3. On the client side
3.1. Start the client
3.2. Connecting to an MS Windows server
3.3. Setting up an MS Windows (95) client
3.4. Oddly enough...
4. Connecting...
5. Internet through the serial port
6. Other useful documents
7. License
8. Credits

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