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The Linux SCSI programming HOWTO

Heiko Eißfeldt

v1.5, 7 May 1996

This document deals with programming the Linux generic SCSI interface.

Archived Document Notice: This document has been archived by the LDP because it does not apply to modern Linux systems. It is no longer being actively maintained.

1. What's New?

2. Introduction

3. What Is The Generic SCSI Interface?

4. What Are The Requirements To Use It?

5. Programmers Guide

6. Overview Of Device Programming

7. Opening The Device

8. The Header Structure

9. Inquiry Command Example

10. The Sense Buffer

11. Example Using Sense Buffer

12. Ioctl Functions

13. Driver Defaults

14. Obtaining The Scsi Specifications

15. Related Information Sources

16. Other useful stuff

17. Other SCSI Access Interfaces

18. Final Comments

19. Acknowledgments


20. Appendix

21. Error handling

22. Additional sense codes and additional sense code qualifiers

23. A SCSI command code quick reference

24. Example programs

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