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7. Motherboards

The people who answered were using the following boards:

7.1 ASUS

7.2 Micronics P54i-90 succesful successful successful

7.3 SA486P AIO-II successful

7.4 Sirius SPACE - successful

7.5 Gateway-2000 - no problems except the soundcard he tries to swap - successful, but... robert logan ( - flawless. James D. Levine ( - flawless.

7.6 Intel-Premiere - successful - successful - successful (Premier-II)

7.7 DELL Poweredge SP4100 - successful

7.8 DELL OptiPlex Gl+ 575 - successful when turning off plug and play

7.9 Comtrade Best Buy PCI / PCI48X MB Rev 1.0

tldraben@Teleport.Com - "Works, I believe it has buggy Saturn chipset. I would also like to add: I strongly recommend not buying from Contrade. Their service is horrible. "

7.10 IDeal PCI / PCI48X MB Rev 1.0

tldraben@Teleport.Com - "Did not work with PCI48X motherboard"

7.11 CMD Tech. PCI IDE / CSA-6400C - "Works"

7.12 GA-486iS (Gigabyte) - success with problems.

7.13 GA-586-ID (Gigabyte) 90 Mhz Pentium PCI/EISA Board

kkeyte@esoc.bitnet - succesful

7.14 ESCOM 486dx2/66 - which board?

Works perfect except the ftape-streamer (archive)

7.15 J-Bond with i486dx2/66

Drew Eckhardt (drew@kinglear.cs.Colorado.EDU) uses Diamond Stealth 64 VRAM with 4M of memory (964 based). It works great, he usualy runs it at 1024x768 72hz in 32bpp; 16 and 8bpp also work. He needed to get the X311u2S3.tgz server from; people with 968 based Diamond boards will definately need to do this.

7.16 super micro 011895 03:50 SUPER P54CI-PCI rev 1.3 (Opti)

Manuel de Vega Barreiro

I run linux 1.1.57 (now 1.2.1) without problems. dosemu0.53 work fine (com. software like kermit and xtalk) XFree86 3.1 at 1024x768 resolution

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