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2. Introduction

This document describes how an X terminal manufactured by NCD (Network Computing Devices) can be connected to and booted from a UNIX host using BootP (boot protocol). Many terminals are also capable of booting with RARP, NFS or locally from a PCMCIA card or over a serial link (either directly or with a modem).

Although the material in this document was prepared based on experience with a single model of X terminal, much of the information applies to other models and other X terminals generally. There is also an Linux X terminal mini HOWTO document (declared obsolete by HOWTO maintainers at the time of writing and therefore possibly not available in all Linux distributions) which overlaps material from this document. That document covers X terminal information more generally.

2.1 Summary of steps

The process of connecting an X terminal to a UNIX network can be summarized in the following steps:

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