Handspring-Visor with Linux mini-HOWTO

Ryan VanderBijl

Revision History
Revision v0.6January 2003Revised by: rvbijl
Update my contact information. Remove references to outdated software. Removed PPP stuff. Updated hotplug section.
Revision v0.5December, 2000 - Feb, 2001Revised by: rvbijl39
Seperate kernel/user-space parts. Updates for modules. Add usbdevfs info. Hotpluggable info. PPP info. Updates for the linux 2.4 kernel. Added troubleshooting tips. Change the SGML to DocBook format.
Revision v0.4August 7, 2000Revised by: rvbijl39
Clarifications, updates, suggested by Matt Shook, Steven Coffman, Miles Lott, and info from Greg KH.
Revision v0.3April or May, 2000Revised by: rvbijl39
SGML version. Some fixes from Miles Lott.
Revision v0.1, v0.2April 6, 2000Revised by: rvbijl39
Original Version, HTML version.

This document should give you instructions on how to connect your Handspring Visor (any version) to Linux, using USB.

Table of Contents
1. Standard Information
1.1. Disclaimer
1.2. Author
1.3. Copyright
2. Introduction
2.1. Supported Devices
2.2. What's needed?
2.3. Linux Distributions
3. Configuring the Kernel
3.1. Requirements
3.2. Kernel Version
3.3. USB Controller Type
3.4. Configure/Build Kernel
3.5. usbdevfs
3.6. Making /dev Entries
3.7. Using the Modules
4. Synchronization Software
4.1. General
4.2. coldsync
4.3. pilot-link
4.4. Time to Sync
4.5. Palm Desktop Equivalents
4.6. Your Done!
5. Hotplug-able
5.1. Hotplug Kernel Config
5.2. Installing Hotplug
5.3. Configure the Visor Driver
6. Troubleshooting Tips
6.1. The Tips
7. Links

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