CompaqT1500-Linux HOWTO

Thomas Chiverton

Revision History
Revision 1.022005-04-22Revised by: tjc
URL change, tweaks, solution to NFS null !
Revision 1.012002-03-17Revised by: gea
Conversion to Docbook format
Revision 1.02002-03-11Revised by: tjc
LDP release
Revision 0.852001-12-13Revised by: tjc
Security hints. XFree.
Revision 0.82001-12-13Revised by: tjc
Kernel transfer problem fix (NFS null). General tidy.
Revision 0.72001-09-11Revised by: tjc
Much FLASHing and mounting notes added
Revision 0.612001-08-20Revised by: tjc
Tweak debian unpack notes. Add URL. Notes on re-FLASH
Revision 0.62001-07-28Revised by: tjc
Add example syslog output. Add in securetty changes
Revision 0.52001-07-28Revised by: tjc
Initial release for feedback, comments from community

Lists the procedures and tools needed to boot the Compaq T1500, using a Netboot of both the native file system and a generic Linux installation.

Table of Contents
1. About this guide
1.1. Purpose and scope
1.2. Latest update
1.3. Feedback
2. Introduction
3. The Compaq way
4. The one true way
5. Editing FLASH image and other tools
5.1. Editing Flash image
5.2. Mounting FLASH
6. XFree86
7. Trouble Shooting
7.1. Intermittent kernel transfer problems (NFS null)
8. Pending projects
9. Contributors and thanks

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