Complete System Performance Monitor HOWTO

Chris Lorenz


Revision History
Revision 2.02003-06-10Revised by: CL

This HOWTO provides an overview of the Complete System Performance Monitor, including a description of the product and installation and configuration information.

Table of Contents
1. Copyright and legal notice
2. What Is the Complete System Performance Monitor?
3. Requirements
4. Installing CSPM and its requirements
4.1. Installing Qt 3.0 or later
4.2. Installing CSPM
4.3. Starting the CSPM monitor
5. Modifying CSPM defaults
6. How CSPM displays data
6.1. System Overview tab
6.2. IRQs tab
6.3. CPU Utilization tab
6.4. Memory tab
6.5. Network tab
6.6. Storage tab
6.7. Tests tab
6.8. Test Summary tab

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