3. Thank you

I must point out that I would not have known how to fix the i810 and X4.x problem if it were not for the pioneering efforts of Val Henson who guided me through the process and recommended the 2.4.x kernel in the first place. And now that this is an ammended version, I would also like to thank Heron Ordonez for pointing out a few problems which I have in part addressed, and will fully address in due course. Curtis Stone pointed out to me that the features I thought only available in the 2.4.x kernel were present in 2.2.18. Thanks to him too. I am now also endebted to Cameron Kerr for pointing out that the 2.4.x kernel must not be unpacked in /usr/src/linux. I had had no success with the 2.4.x until this was pointed out to me, but would have been OK had I read the accompanying README, ie followed my own instructions.

If this process carries on in this fashion the 'Thank you' will one day be the largest section of this HOWTO. This is an open process and all comments (politely phrased of course!) are welcome.

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