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2. About this document

The motivation for this MINIHOWTO was a visually impaired co-student who asked me how to enlarge the mouse cursor under X. After I found out how this can be done, I wrote an initial version of this document. The knowledge about the method described here does not seem to be common, so I decided to share it and submitted this document as a Linux MINIHOWTO, despite the fact that it is not specific to Linux at all. As all other MINIHOWTOs it can be found in the home of of the Linux Documentation Project (LDP).

The master of this document is maintained in the SGML/linuxdoc format. This makes it possible to automatically provide versions in the following formats (which can be found in the same place as the master): html, text, LaTeX, DVI, PostScript, GNU info.

Shinobu Miyata has done a Japanese translation of this MINIHOWTO. It can be found in

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