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1. Introduction

A Linux installation typically contains several independent sets of fonts or font metrics. A quick glance at my system shows fonts or font metrics spread across the following directories:

Needless to say, these fonts are not coordinated.

TrueType fonts are designed to eliminate this problem by allowing the same font files to be used for both display and printing. This HOW-TO attempts to show how to use TrueType fonts for display, printing, and document preparation on Debian GNU/Linux systems.

1.1 Disclaimer

The information in this document is, to the best of my knowledge, correct. However this HOWTO is still in preliminary versions and what works for me may not work for you. Even if it does work for you, I am not a professional technical writer and I have been known to gloss over critical details.

So have fun, but play it safe and keep backups.

1.2 Credits

Created by Bear Giles, <>

Thanks go to:

1.3 Additional links

These links don't directly discuss Debian systems or packages, but they may still be interesting to readers of this mini-HOWTO.

1.4 Change log

1.5 Feedback

Comments, corrections, additions and critiques are always welcome. You can reach me at

1.6 Related projects

1.7 Distribution

This is the first draft and I expect it to change significantly after publication, I ask that you refer to the latest version at The permanent home for this document will eventually be at

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