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1. This HOWTO

                    Copyright Vincent Broman 1995.
       Permission granted to make and distribute copies of this HOWTO
          under the conditions of the GNU General Public License.

1.1 Archiving

This HOWTO is archived in, and also distributed from In nearby directories the same document may appear in alternate formats like MGR-HOWTO.txt.

1.2 Authentication

Copies of the MGR distribution due to Broman should be accompanied by PGP signature files, signed by "Vincent Broman <>".

1.3 Credit for the HOWTO

While Vincent Broman first put together this HOWTO, much of the information and text was obtained from FAQs, READMEs, etc. written by Stephen Uhler, Michael Haardt, and other public-spirited net-persons. Email corrections and suggested changes to

Uhler was the main architect of MGR -- see the Credit section below.

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