7. IRC Servers

7.1. IRCD

Maintainer: ircd developers

IRC Channel: #ircd on IRCnet

The original IRC daemon, mainly used by IRCnet. Recent versions have attempted to improve on channel security through the introduction of additional channel types (eg !linux), and channel modes.

You can get the latest version of IRCD from ftp://ftp.irc.org/irc/server/. Homepage at http://www.irc.org/

7.2. IRCD-Hybrid


IRC Channel: None ?

Mainly used by EFNet. Hybrid's focus is on speed and efficiency, since it lacks many of the services offered by other networks. In keeping with EFnet's ethos that opers should not be concerned with channel matters, Hybrid doesn't allow opers to set modes on channels, or join channels from which they are banned. It is only relatively recently that Hybrid offered the ability for a service bot to reop an opless channel.

You can get the latest version of IRCD-Hybrid from http://ftp1.sourceforge.net/ircd-hybrid/ . Homepage at http://www.ircd-hybrid.org/

7.3. ircu

Maintainer: Undernet Coder Committee

IRC Channel: #ircu on Undernet - http://www.undernet.org/servers.php

Mainly used by Undernet. Following a series of DDoS attacks in 2001/2002, ircu has offered the ability for users and servers to hide their addresses. Many of the /stats commands have also (sadly) been removed from Undernet.

You can get the latest version of ircu from http://ftp1.sourceforge.net/undernet-ircu/ . Homepage at http://coder-com.undernet.org/

7.4. Bahamut

Maintainer: DALnet Coding Team

IRC Channel: #Bahamut on DALnet

Based on DreamForge and Hybrid, Bahamut is the DALnet server. Features include channel and nick registration, support for nicknames up to 15(?) characters, and a memo service.

You can get the latest version of Bahamut from http://bahamut.dal.net/download.php . Homepage at http://bahamut.dal.net/

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