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1. Introduction.

This is the Linux Shadow-Password-HOWTO. This document describes why and how to add shadow password support on a Linux system. Some examples of how to use some of the Shadow Suite's features is also included.

When installing the Shadow Suite and when using many of the utility programs, you must be logged in as root. When installing the Shadow Suite you will be making changes to system software, and it is highly recommended that you make backup copies of programs as indicated. I also recommend that you read and understand all the instructions before you begin.

1.1 Changes from the previous release.

        Added a sub-section on why you might not want to install shadow
        Added a sub-section on updating the xdm program
        Added a section on how to put Shadow Suite features to work
        Added a section containing frequently asked questions

        Corrected html references on Sunsite
        Corrected section on wu-ftp to reflect adding -lshadow to the Makefile
        Corrected minor spelling and verbiage errors
        Changed section on wu-ftpd to support ELF
        Updated to reflect security problems in various login programs
        Updated to recommend the Linux Shadow Suite by Marek Michalkiewicz

1.2 New versions of this document.

The latest released version of this document can always be retrieved by anonymous FTP from:


or via the World Wide Web from the Linux Documentation Project Web Server, at page: Shadow-Password-HOWTO or directly from me, <>. It will also be posted to the newsgroup: comp.os.linux.answers

This document is now packaged with the Shadow-YYDDMM packages.

1.3 Feedback.

Please send any comments, updates, or suggestions to me: Michael H. Jackson <> The sooner I get feedback, the sooner I can update and correct this document. If you find any problems with it, please mail me directly as I very rarely stay up-to-date on the newsgroups.

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