Autodir HOWTO

Venkata Ramana Enaganti


Revision History
Revision 1.002004-09-23Revised by: VRE
Initial release, reviewed by Rahul Sundaram at TLDP
Revision 0.322004-09-13Revised by: VRE
New sections like requirements and others.
Revision 0.102004-06-24Revised by: VRE
second draft
Revision 0.92004-06-11Revised by: VRE
first draft

This HOWTO is about Autodir installation, configuration and other issues related to Autodir.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Copyright and License
1.2. Disclaimer
1.3. Feedback
1.4. New Versions of this Document
1.5. Credits / Contributors
2. Before going to details...
3. Why not pam_mkhomedir?
4. Where it can be used
5. What it is not
6. Differences between Autodir and Autofs
7. How it works
8. Some definitions
9. Directory organization under real base directory
10. Virtual directory expiration
11. Backup support
12. Backup program requirements
13. Module options
14. Autodir requirements
15. Autofs kernel module
16. Importing user and group accounts
17. Getting it
18. Managing Home directories
18.1. Base directories for autohome
18.2. Directory organization
18.3. Misc suboptions for autohome
18.4. Summing up with an example
19. Managing group directories
20. Autodir options
21. Backup options
22. Examples
23. RPM specific
24. Further Information

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