6.3 Using perl

Table 6-1. Variables for ports that use perl

Variable Means
USE_PERL5 Says that the port uses perl 5 to build and run.
USE_PERL5_BUILD Says that the port uses perl 5 to build.
USE_PERL5_RUN Says that the port uses perl 5 to run.
PERL The full path of perl 5, either in the system or installed from a port, but without the version number. Use this if you need to replace ``#!''lines in scripts.
PERL_CONFIGURE Configure using Perl's MakeMaker. It implies USE_PERL5.
PERL_MODBUILD Configure, build and install using Module::Build. It implies PERL_CONFIGURE.
Read only variables  
PERL_VERSION The full version of perl installed (e.g., 5.00503).
PERL_VER The short version of perl installed (e.g., 5.005).
PERL_LEVEL The installed perl version as an integer of the form MNNNPP (e.g., 500503).
PERL_ARCH Where perl stores architecture dependent libraries. Defaults to ${ARCH}-freebsd.
PERL_PORT Name of the perl port that is installed (e.g., perl5).
SITE_PERL Directory name where site specific perl packages go. This value is added to PLIST_SUB.
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