6.6 Using GNOME

The FreeBSD/GNOME project uses its own set of variables to define which GNOME components a particular port uses. A comprehensive list of these variables exists within the FreeBSD/GNOME project's homepage.

Note: Your port does not need to depend on GNOME if it merely installs pkg-config metadata files to PREFIX/libdata/pkgconfig. As usual, your port should be prepared to clean up after itself and remove that directory if it becomes empty. Assuming that your port installs a file named gtkmumble.pc to the said location, just add the following lines to pkg-plist:

@unexec rmdir %B 2>/dev/null || true

The latter line must appear immediately after the former one so that %B expands correctly. Please refer to pkg_create(1) for a detailed description of the syntax used in pkg-plist.

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