15.11 The MAC Multi-Level Security Module

Module name: mac_mls.ko

Kernel configuration line: options MAC_MLS

Boot option: mac_mls_load="YES"

The mac_mls(4) policy controls access between subjects and objects in the system by enforcing a strict information flow policy.

In MLS environments, a “clearance” level is set in each subject or objects label, along with compartments. Since these clearance or sensibility levels can reach numbers greater than six thousand; it would be a daunting task for any system administrator to thoroughly configure each subject or object. Thankfully, three “instant” labels are already included in this policy.

These labels are mls/low, mls/equal and mls/high. Since these labels are described in depth in the manual page, they will only get a brief description here:

MLS provides for:

The following sysctl tunables are available for the configuration of special services and interfaces:

To manipulate the MLS labels, the setfmac(8) command has been provided. To assign a label to an object, issue the following command:

# setfmac mls/5 test

To get the MLS label for the file test issue the following command:

# getfmac test

This is a summary of the MLS policy's features. Another approach is to create a master policy file in /etc which specifies the MLS policy information and to feed that file into the setfmac command. This method will be explained after all policies are covered.

Observations: an object with lower clearance is unable to observe higher clearance processes. A basic policy would be to enforce mls/high on everything not to be read, even if it needs to be written. Enforce mls/low on everything not to be written, even if it needs to be read. And finally enforce mls/equal on the rest. All users marked insecure should be set at mls/low.

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