Package Building Procedures

The FreeBSD Ports Management Team

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Table of Contents
1 Introduction and Conventions
2 Build Client Management
3 Chroot Build Environment Setup
4 Starting the Build
5 Anatomy of a Build
6 Interrupting a Build
7 Monitoring the Build
8 Release Builds
9 Uploading Packages
10 Experimental Patches Builds

1 Introduction and Conventions

In order to provide pre-compiled binaries of third-party applications for FreeBSD, the ports collection is regularly built on one of the “Package Building Clusters.” Currently, there are two such clusters: and

Most of the package building magic occurs under the /var/portbuild directory. Unless otherwise specified, all paths will be relative to this location. ${arch} will be used to specify one of the package architectures (i386™, alpha, Sparc64®, ia64, and amd64), and ${branch} will be used to specify the build branch (4, 5, 4-exp).

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